Nutrie Homecoming 2014!

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The latest event for Nutrie has just been announced at the last training event in Dallas!

Nutrie Homecoming! May 30th – June 1st, 2014 – Scottsdale, AZ.

Tentative Schedule

Friday, May 30th

Saturday, May 31st

Sunday, June 1st

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Road to Ambassador Meeting
Location – Palms 3C & 3D

Qualification to Attend: 3 Star Platinum or Higher


Founder’s Dinner
Location – Restaurant TBD
Transformation – Limo pick up at 7:15pm at hotel reception

Qualification to Attend: Ambassador or Higher

7:00am – 8:00am

Kim Lyons Celebrity Workout
Everyone Welcome!
 Location – Grand Park @ Arizona Grand Resort

Bring your guests! Come work out with special guest celebrity trainers for an action packed workout.

9:00am – 5:00pm

Nutrie Live Training
Location – Oasis Pavilion

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Meet with your Teams – Free Time!!

8:00pm – 10:00pm

Nutrie’s “White” Party
Location – Oasis Park @ Arizona Grand Hotel

Qualification to Attend: 10 Preferred Customers Since Feb 1, 2014 or Ranked Presidential or Higher

10:00am – 11:30am

Non-denomination Worship Service Held by Nutrie Brand Partners
Location – Oasis Pavilion


Nutrie Pool Day (Optional)
Everyone Welcome!!
Come hang out with the Nutrie gang at our own private pool for a Volleyball Game or soak up some Arizona sunshine
Location – Camelback Adult Pool @ Arizona Grand Resort

If you haven’t been to an event yet you don’t know what you are missing out on! These events are packed with helpful information to help you grow and expand your business.

You get to socialize with some of the BIGGEST leaders in this company and get some tips on how to succeed.

You get to join in on Celebrity workouts with Kim Lyons and special guests!

If you qualify you can be part of the Desert Nights Party!

All very exciting things will be happening at this event.  Special Guest lineup and Agenda to be announced so please stay tuned.

Get registered for the event right now by clicking the link below!

Space is limited and V.I.P. tickets are selling out quickly so get your tickets before they are all sold out!

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Bruno’s Trek To The North Pole To Plant Nutrie Flag


For those of you are unaware or haven’t heard the news yet Bruno is taking up the large task of trekking to the North Pole.

Bruno is a Crossfit Coach and Owner and recently has become a Brand Partner with Nutrie.

As part of his trip to the North Pole to draw awareness to Nutrie he is going to plant a Nutrie at the North Pole.

In addition to his journey Bruno is going to be a special guest at the Nutrie Homecoming event next month.

Please make sure you share you support on his Facebook page.

Bruno Log Updates Of His Current Trek

8 Hours Ago

It’s”Gotime”….”Irene”….”Dday”…”leaving on a JetPlane”..what ever it is people say when they are going to the North Pole!!! Woohoo see you in 10 days peeps!!

22 Hours Ago

Well guys, we faced a little set back today. The weather at the drop point was too bad for the planes to safely land, which is to be expected. We are on standby for tomorrow morning. So what do a bunch of driven people do with that kind of news, well we rechecked our gear, food and equipment. And then we went and tried B’s Bjarne M. Nielsen new ride!! Called the “B train”. We had an amazing time. Ladies and gents, if for some reason you’re feeling down and need to be inspired….give this guy a call, and he’ll pump you right up! This man inspires me to the fullest and I consider myself very fortunate to call him my Brother!! Nothing is impossible when he’s around!!

April 20th Update

Guys here is a picture from the top of the highest peak in Resolute! The view was awesome! It was taken at 21:35, that is as dark as it gets here. It’s basically sunshine 24/7 at this of the year!
I’m the guy in the middle!


We just had a 4 hours trek around the area of Resolute to test out gear! It went great! It’s -27 degrees but super sunny!! This is looking to be an incredible experience!

April 19 Update

First picture out of the North, should definitely be of a Polar Bear!!



I’m finally in the North! We just landed in Resolute Bay! We have limited Internet!! I’ll keep you guys up to date as much as I can!!

PS.. And yes it’s friggin cold!! 


On a plane…going up North! See you in a couple weeks!!

One Small Change

Founder Aaron Parkinson and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kim Lyons reveal how they are bringing nutrition, convenience and opportunity into the lives of North Americans.

Commit to your own success and Nutrié will support you every step of the way.

With Nutrié you have an opportunity to join a business that combines innovative grab ‘n’ go products, with a cutting edge smart phone app notification system designed to creative positive and long-term results for a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are looking to supplement your income or make a complete career change, Nutrié offers a platform for you to meet your financial goals, while introducing nutritious products to people in your community and around the world.

Take control of your physical well-being and your financial future today.

 Kursten B

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my family!
- Kursten B.

Sean Hannity I’ve personally met the team behind Nutrié and they are the real deal.
- Sean Hannity, “Fox News Channel” & “The Sean Hannity Show”
Kevin B If we can do it, so can you! Get started today!

- Kevin B.


Soaked Oats Recipe

This is one of my all time favorite recipes for a super quick and energizing breakfast. I love to make it in a mason jar, toss the fruit and nuts on top and head out the door! Don’t forget to grab a Fuel shake too for your morning boost of protein!



  • 1/4 cup rolled oats (not instant or quick cooking)
  • 1/3 cups unsweetened soymilk or almond milk
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1/4 cup nonfat Greek Yogurt
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp chopped pecans, walnuts or almonds
  • 1/4 cup fresh peaches and raspberries (or any fruit!)


Combine oats, milk, zest and vanilla in a bowl (or a mason jar), cover and refrigerate overnight. The next morning, scoop oatmeal into bowls and top with nuts and fruit. Add drizzle of agave nectar or maple syrup or sprinkle with stevia for a touch of sweetness!

Balance Booty Burner Exercise



A. Stand with your feet together and hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides.

B. Do a reverse lunge with your left leg.

C. Straighten your legs, then pick your left foot up off the ground and lift it behind you, simultaneously tipping forward with your upper body until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Balance here as you do a bent-over row (as shown). Place your left foot back on the floor, lower into another lunge (B), and repeat.


Every person is different, and accordingly, each may experience varying results. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program as well as making any nutritional changes in order to determine if it is right for your needs. Sensible eating with regular exercise that works the whole body is critical to achieving & maintaining weight loss.

Rank Advancement – March 17th to 23rd, 2014

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions
~ Stephen Covey

We would like to give a big congratulations to the following Brand Partners for reaching a new high level here at Nutrie:

  • Vince R – 3-Star Presidential
  • Christianne G. – Executive Presidential
  • Karin M. – Executive Presidential


Did you make the list this week? 

If not what are you waiting for? Join Nutrie today and work your way up the rank. You could possibly get your mortgage paid for!