Top 5 Kitchen Tools You Must Get Your Hands On

If you’re looking to create delicious, fast, and nutritious dishes, you need to have some tools of the trade. While you definitely don’t need to spend loads of money buying the top rated kitchen appliances, having a few of the better products out there on hand is definitely going to help.

Let’s look at the top 5 kitchen tools that you should be considering.

Oxo Salad Chopper

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Tired of spending hours and hours preparing your salads? The Oxo Salad Chopper will come to the rescue. This bowl will chop any salad in seconds and is very easy for you to manage as the blades will stay in direct contact with the bowl at all times.

Simply add your ingredients in and in seconds, you’ll have a great tasting salad. This bowl has a 5.5 quart capacity, so is a great option for larger salad dishes as well.

Magic Bullet Blender

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The Magic Bullet Blender is one of the top selling blender products on the market and will quickly whip up any shake that you want to create. In addition to this, it also has added chopping options for dicing vegetables, mincing options for preparing garlic, as well as an option that will help you create chunky salsa.

This blender performs a number of different tasks in one, so is a great choice to have in your kitchen.

Mandoline Paderno


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This fruit and vegetable slicer is a top choice for many people and is going to really help you create nutritious dishes in a hurry.

Most people don’t get in as many fresh vegetables as they should because they simply don’t have time for the constant cutting, but this device makes it easy.

It offers a heavy duty stainless steel construction and has been specially designed with safety in mind.

It’s also dishwasher safe, so you will easily be able to clean up after using it.

World Cuisine Spiral Slicer

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This spiral vegetable slicer works great when you want to create fancy looking dishes that appear to have taken hours to prepare.

You can run a number of different food choices through this slicer including apples, carrots, potatoes, or onions and will be delighted with the result that comes from using it.

You’ll receive three different sized blades with your order, each of which will create a slightly different and unique effect.

It’s made from durable plastic and is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


Image Credit: Google Images

Image Credit: Google Images

Need some ice cubes in a hurry? Or, if you’re interested in testing your skills at making delicious and nutritious fudgesicles or popsicles, the Zoku is for you.

This device will freeze ice pops in just seven minutes as it’s powered with electricity from your kitchen. With so many different recipes to consider and create, you can’t go wrong with this machine. It’s especially great if you have kids in the home.

So there you have five great kitchen tools that you should definitely be considering. These all work excellent as gift ideas as well.

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Smart Snacks To Get You Through Your Day

If you’re aiming to eat better and see optimal fat loss success, it’s vital that you have good snacking habits. Some people believe that they should avoid snacking at all costs as doing so will just set them up for weight gain, but as long as you snack wisely, this just doesn’t have to be the case.

So which snacks should you be turning to? Let’s walk you through five top snacks that will satisfy your body as well as your taste buds all at the same time.



Almonds make for a healthy snack that’s rich in smart fats to fuel your body for the hours ahead. The nice thing about nuts is that not only will they provide you with some healthy fats, but they’ll offer a small dose of protein as well as fiber, making them a well-balanced snack choice.

A handful of almonds can sustain you for a few hours ahead, so it’s a very simple snack on the run. Just be sure you do watch portion sizes as they are very calorie dense.



An apple is the next great snack to consider as you move through your day. Apples are high in dietary fiber, so this can really go a long way towards keeping hunger down and the crunch factor will satisfy your cravings quickly.

Apples provide a great sweet treat and can easily be combined with low fat cheese or natural nut butter for added protein.

Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is the next snack that should be a frequent go-to on your list. Greek yogurt will supply you with a very good dose of protein along with some calcium, which is needed for stronger bones.

Those people who consume lower fat dairy products on their diet plan tend to lose more fat from the abdominal region, so that’s one very big reason to get this snack in.

Top Greek yogurt with fresh berries or flaxseeds to make it more balanced.

Just do watch that you don’t get fruit flavored varieties as these will contain far too much added sugar for a smart diet snack option.

Sea Weed


Seaweed is also a terrific snack for the dieter who is watching their calories. This snack is rich in iodine, which is going to be important for helping you sustain a healthy metabolic.

Dried seaweed tastes great any time and can even be used to create your own sushi if you’re feeling highly adventurous.



Finally, don’t overlook olives. These are another good source of healthy fats that most people don’t even think about because they’re so used to just using olive oil with their main meals.

Snacking on olives though, perhaps with a few cubes of reduced fat cheese can work as an excellent snack at any point throughout the day.

So there you have some smart snacking tips to get you started. If you choose these, you can feel good about fueling your body but keeping your nutritional intake on track.

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Top 4 Beverages To Be Drinking This Summer

If you’re on a fat loss diet or simply looking to get healthier overall, one thing that you must be making sure you’re well aware of is the beverages that you are taking in on a daily basis. If you are not selecting the right beverages to include in your daily diet plan, this could be in fact keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals.

The truth of the matter is that the beverages you consume will have a large influence on the nature of results you get because they contain calories and don’t get accounted for, that is going to prove to be rather problematic.

Let’s look at the top five beverages that you should be consuming on a regular basis.



It doesn’t get more pure and clean than water. Water is a great non-calorie way to hydrate yourself and it will help to flush out your system, cleansing you of toxins currently present.

Those who aren’t getting enough water and who are in a state of dehydration will notice less focus and concentration, poor energy levels, and a slowed metabolism as well.

Getting enough water is an absolute must for success.

Coconut Water


Next, you should also consider coconut water. Coconut water is full of important vitamins and minerals that will help to enhance your health and get you feeling that much better overall.

Many people are now choosing to use this beverage instead of the more traditional sports drinks, so it’s definitely something that you will want to consider if you’re highly active and looking to feel and perform your best.

Lemon / Citrus Water


Lemon or citrus flavored water is the next good beverage to be considering adding to your day. You can create this by simply adding a few slices of lemon, oranges, or grapefruit to a large jug of water, which will instantly boost the flavor it’s giving off.

This will help make getting your 8-10 glasses per day down much easier and also give you a small dose of added vitamin C in the process.

Green Tea


Green tea is the next beverage that you should be aiming to add to your diet on a regular basis. Green tea is very high in antioxidant content, so will help with fending off free radical damage effectively and also provide a metabolic boost as well.

Those who consume a few cups of green tea on a daily basis will notice higher spikes in their metabolism, accelerating the rate that fat burning is taking place.

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5 Automatic Body Tips For A Healthy Holiday Weekend

Enjoy the holiday weekend but keep your health in mind!

1. Use small plates.
Research clearly shows that people who choose smaller plates and utensils eat less without even noticing it.

Use Small Plates

2. Eat slowly and mindfully.
People who eat more slowly eat fewer calories over the course of a meal.

Eat Slow & Healthy

3. Eat healthiest foods first.
Salads are a great place to start because watery vegetables slow digestion and have very few calories. Then don’t forget to fill up with some protein as well, or grab a Fuel!

Eat Healthy Food First

4. Keep dessert small.
You don’t have to pass on dessert completely, but keep your portion sizes in check for this course.

Keep Desserts Small

5. Think before you drink.
Choose to make smart choices before heading to a BBQ because alcohol can be the difference between losing or gaining weight (not to mention your self-control). One sugary margarita can have 600-800 calories! Stick with wine or beer, drink plenty of water and remember to pace yourself. Take care of your Automatic Body; it’s the only place you have to live!

Think Before You Drink

Top 5 Ways To Start Your Day Off Right!

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Check out the new Recipe Guide (in the new Automatic Body website) filled with protein rich ideas to get your body and mind fueled for the day.



2. Read an Inspirational, Spiritual, and/or Motivational Quote

Feed your mind with positivity right from the moment you open your eyes. Prepare your mind and attitude for the day with something as simple as: “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.”
~ George Bernard Shaw


3. Exercise

Some of us have hectic schedules in the morning or don’t prefer mornings at all. However, research has shown that morning exercise increases mental clarity, focus, weight loss, sleep, metabolism, energy and mood! Life is motion. When we stop moving, we stop living, so why not integrate some physical activity in the am to get your body moving for the day!  Pressed for time?  Try yoga, pushups, jumping jacks, or run your stairs for 15 minutes to make a morning workout short and simple.


4. Get Your Morning Fix

Whether you enjoy a cup of coffee, green tea or an Energé, start your day off right with a mug of your favorite go-to morning drink to put a smile on your face :)


5. Make a Daily Goal/To-Do List

Got a busy day ahead filled with appointments, meetings, and deadlines?  Making a to-do list first thing in the morning will guarantee that you don’t forget to do any task throughout your day, no matter how small.  It will also allow you to keep track of what you’ve accomplished, and give you the satisfaction of being able to check off items throughout the day.



Bruno’s Trek To The North Pole To Plant Nutrie Flag


For those of you are unaware or haven’t heard the news yet Bruno is taking up the large task of trekking to the North Pole.

Bruno is a Crossfit Coach and Owner and recently has become a Brand Partner with Nutrie.

As part of his trip to the North Pole to draw awareness to Nutrie he is going to plant a Nutrie at the North Pole.

In addition to his journey Bruno is going to be a special guest at the Nutrie Homecoming event next month.

Please make sure you share you support on his Facebook page.

Bruno Log Updates Of His Current Trek

8 Hours Ago

It’s”Gotime”….”Irene”….”Dday”…”leaving on a JetPlane”..what ever it is people say when they are going to the North Pole!!! Woohoo see you in 10 days peeps!!

22 Hours Ago

Well guys, we faced a little set back today. The weather at the drop point was too bad for the planes to safely land, which is to be expected. We are on standby for tomorrow morning. So what do a bunch of driven people do with that kind of news, well we rechecked our gear, food and equipment. And then we went and tried B’s Bjarne M. Nielsen new ride!! Called the “B train”. We had an amazing time. Ladies and gents, if for some reason you’re feeling down and need to be inspired….give this guy a call, and he’ll pump you right up! This man inspires me to the fullest and I consider myself very fortunate to call him my Brother!! Nothing is impossible when he’s around!!

April 20th Update

Guys here is a picture from the top of the highest peak in Resolute! The view was awesome! It was taken at 21:35, that is as dark as it gets here. It’s basically sunshine 24/7 at this of the year!
I’m the guy in the middle!


We just had a 4 hours trek around the area of Resolute to test out gear! It went great! It’s -27 degrees but super sunny!! This is looking to be an incredible experience!

April 19 Update

First picture out of the North, should definitely be of a Polar Bear!!



I’m finally in the North! We just landed in Resolute Bay! We have limited Internet!! I’ll keep you guys up to date as much as I can!!

PS.. And yes it’s friggin cold!! 


On a plane…going up North! See you in a couple weeks!!

The Olympics Are Underway!

The Olympics are officially underway today!

This year the Olympics are being held in Sochi, Russia. Officially called XXII Olympic Winter Games or the 22nd Winter Olympics.

88 nations and 2,800+ athletes are participating in events,

The condition in Sochi for the athletes are unfortunately bad to hilarious. See some of the images below of the conditions in Sochi.

Sochi Olympics Conditions

As you can see from the images above apparently Sochi wasn’t 100% ready for the games and the bathroom and living conditions leave something to be desired.

However on a positive note lets cheer on our respective countries that we are from and show our support! 

Healthy positive living is what we like to see here at Nutrie.

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Get support from celebrity fitness trainers such as Kim Lyons and our network of leaders within the company. You will get help every step of the way.

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Don’t procrastinate and get started today! Enjoy the Winter Olympic Games!

5 Ways To Shed Holiday Pounds

Shed Holiday Weight

Have you noticed that Christmas is lingering on your hips? Has the festive spirit expanded your waistline? It’s pretty common to gain a couple extra pounds after the party season has ended. We have a couple tips that will help you melt off all that shortbread and make 2014 a year of fitness and health:

  1. Drink water, water, and more water! People often mistake thirst for hunger, so next time you feel like snacking, reach for water first.
  2. Get SMART by setting Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic, Timeframe goals that will fit right in with your personal and professional lifestyle.
  3. Avoid sodas. Soft drinks are a major source of empty calories. We drink twice as much soda as milk and nearly six times more soda than fruit juice. But fluids don’t satisfy your appetite as well as solids. A study at Purdue University found that when people were fed 450 calories daily as jelly beans or as soda, the soda drinkers gained a significant amount of weight, but the jelly-bean eaters compensated for the extra calories by cutting back on other food. So if you crave something sweet, reach for a sweet Fuel for protein and energy!
  4. Think positively. Experts note that low self-esteem is a major cause of overeating. Train yourself to focus on your best points rather than your weak spots. Buy clothes that fit and flatter you at your current weight, until you can reward yourself down the road for your weight loss accomplishments!
  5. Write positive notes to yourself. Post uplifting affirmations for yourself as extra support — for when a negative thought does pop into your head. Stick them on your fridge, pantry, or even as an alarm on your smart phone. Put up a little stop sign or make tags with questions like “Do you want this food enough to wear it?” and “Are the calories worth the consequences?”

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