The Team

The NutrieTM and Automatic BodyTM Team

Celebrity Trainer - Kim Lyons

Corporate Fitness Trainer: Kim Lyons

As the star of the first two seasons of “The Biggest Loser” and the head fitness trainer on shows like “Dr. Phil’s Weight Loss Challenge”, Kim Lyons has assisted thousands of people around the world in achieving their weight loss goals… Her unparalleled expertise in the world of fitness and nutrition made her the perfect choice to lead the Automatic BodyTM revolution.


Founder Aaron Parkinson

Founder: Aaron Parkinson

Aaron Parkinson is a true rags-to-riches entrepreneurial story. The birth of his daughter Soleil inspired him to start his first business with only $2000 in borrowed capital. He went on to become a top producer in the direct selling industry and followed that up with one of the most successful on-line marketing training websites in history.


CFO Rick Hingson

C.F.O: Rick Hingson

With over 30 years in outstanding global business development and a degree in industrial technology, Rick is a results driven management executive with domestic and international success in operations management, information services, accounting and financial management, warehousing and distribution services, vendor relations and sales management and product development. Rick’s in-depth knowledge and practical work experience in building inter-connected IT infrastructures, multiple-location sites and call centre accountability systems makes him the ideal candidate to manage the rapid growth of Nutrie’s international business model.

Rick’s innovative and critical thinking skills have resulted in the issuance of U.S. patents for a variety of engineering applications, and his successful negotiation and acquisitions of businesses in Europe, South America, Australia and China provide NutrieTM, LLC with the international business acumen required for successful global growth. An American and Canadian citizen holding dual passports, Rick’s commitment to community service is demonstrated by his participation in the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, where he is a Registered Mentor assisting young entrepreneurs to launch and sustain successful businesses.

C.O.O - Lori Jackson

C.O.O: Lori Jackson

Lori Jackson brings to NutrieTM LLC 25 years of experience in marketing, project management and corporate compliance. Ms. Jackson has worked with a broad range of clients including some of the country’s most influential investment managers as well as New York Times bestselling authors to create marketing strategies and deliverables, operational infrastructures and systems. Passionate about the power and potential for small business owners and entrepreneurs to impact the world for good, Lori is living out her “Why” – to take what is and make it better for the benefit, freedom and enjoyment of others – as Chief Operations Officer for NutrieTM LLC and its customers.

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