Top Five Chest Moves To Create A Strong Upper Body

If you’re looking to improve your lower body strength and power, you must make sure you don’t overlook the top chest exercises to include in your workout plan. Far too many people are not paying enough attention to the specific exercise they choose and as a result, end up not seeing the success they had hoped for from their gym training sessions.

If you make a few smart moves though, you will find that you have to spend much less time overall in the gym to get the results that you’re after.

Let’s look at the five best chest moves that you should be considering adding to your program in order to build a strong upper body.



The first good exercise to add is the push-up. The push-up is going to stimulate a number of different muscle groups including the chest, the triceps, the shoulders, as well as the core as it contracts to keep you in the proper position.

Push-ups can also be performed using a number of different variations as well, so this can help keep your workout more interesting and ensure that your muscles are always responding.



Fly’s are the next good chest exercise to get into the picture. Chest fly’s are going to work the inner pectoral muscles, which will help to boost your cleavage in a hurry.

If you wish you had a larger bust line, fly’s can actually help to create this appearance.

Chest fly’s should be performed in a slow and controlled movement pattern to reap full benefits and you should make sure you’re never lowering the dumbbells beyond the shoulders to prevent excess strain from occurring.

Chest Press


Moving along, the chest press is the next exercise to get into the picture. The chest press is going to work a similar set of muscle groups as the push-up did only have you in a supine position rather than a prone position.

Chest presses can be done with the back against an exercise ball as well, which will cause you to be less stable and therefore get your core muscles working to a much greater degree.

Medicine Ball Throw


Medicine ball throws are another good exercise to get into place with your chest workout plan. This exercise is going to stimulate the chest, triceps, shoulders, and all the muscles running up and down the spinal column as well since they’ll be contracting to help you sustain good balance.

This exercise is a good one to do with a partner, however can also be done on your own against a wall.

Plank Walk


Finally, the plank walk is the next good exercise to consider. The plank walk is going to firm and tone up the mid-section very well, while also stimulating the chest with each step that you take.

It’s very important to keep your abs fully contracted at all time as you move through this movement however as that will ensure that you maintain good spinal column positioning.

So there you have the top five exercises to consider getting into your program as you go about your chest workout. Each will offer great benefits that you should not overlook.

Every person is different, and accordingly, each may experience varying results. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program as well as making any nutritional changes in order to determine if it is right for your needs. Sensible eating with regular exercise that works the whole body is critical to achieving & maintaining weight loss.

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